Yard Work Tips: Weeding

Weeds are a gardeners’ biggest nightmare. These pesky little plants can suffocate your flowers and spread like, well, like weeds. These invaders are often so pervasive that it seems the only place to find a green lawn free of blemishes is in home magazines and championship golf courses. However, creating a weed-free yard is not impossible. Here are three ways you can weed out those intruders and cultivate a luscious and healthy green lawn at home.

Crowd ‘em Out
The first step to killing weeds is simply by crowding them out. Most yard weeds will grow where they can find space and sunlight. If you grow a healthy lawn, you will naturally crowd out weeds and prevent them from springing up in the first place.
Get Your Hands Dirty
Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty when dealing with weeds. Don’t be afraid to clip them down, and even dig them out. Just be careful not to disrupt the soil too much as this can shed light on previously dormant weed seeds, giving rise to a new generation of weeds in your lawn.
Use Herbicides
If nothing else works, you can resort to herbicides. Be careful to use an herbicide that will not harm your other plants and lawn while still effectively targeting your weeds.

Lawn area leading up to wooden steps.

Composting Weeds

There is nothing quite as satisfying to a gardener as seeing those recently plucked weeds thrown into the compost heap. This is a wonderful place to recycle those pesky suckers but it is important to compost correctly. Many weeds still contain seeds that will simply mix in your compost and take root in your lawn when you spread it. To avoid this, you must raise the heat of your compost pile to kill any remaining weed seeds.

Beautifully landscaped yard.

Go Organic

A healthy lawn is the best cure for a weed problem. Cultivate a healthy and rich compost pile to spread on your lawn and garden, and seek to enrich your soils with organic matter whenever you can. Studies have shown that fewer weeds grow in soil that is rich in organic matter and compost. So rather than coating your lawn continually with herbicides (which will also harm your other vegetation), focus on growing a healthy lawn rooted in rich soil.

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